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Friday, May 17, 2019

APPLY ONLINE BUSINESS CANADA: Factors And Strategies Considered Before Setting Up Online Business In Canada. Business Courses

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I am starting an online business in Canada (Online Business School), and since it not as easy to setup an online business in the US, I have a few questions for the people who've had first-hand experience with the following:


 1) Is there an equivalent to an LLC in Canada? (I would like to limit both my liability and my tax file returns!). If not, whats the next best thing and how much does it averagely cost to setup?

Ans. Yes, there are both provincial and federal incorporations, both will limit your liability and tax base, but generally the tax base will not save you anything until you start making over $30K in profit. Speak to a lawyer and accountant if you want more information or the BDC.

2) I know that Google Store and Checkout only work with American or UK based companies like car insurance companies at the moment. Do you know if I can start a Yahoo Online Store? If not, whats the next best online store/shopping cart solution that you have worked with in Canada?

Ans,  Well, come to the osCommerce forums you will get the answer that osCommerce is the perferred cart system to work with :)

 3) Some of our products are manufactured in Canada, and some are manufactured overseas. What kind of taxes and fees apply to selling the first option, and importing/selling the second option?

Ans. The importation fees associated with your products will vary, this is something you will need to contact Customs Canada on. As for the selling, GST, HST and or provincial sales tax will apply to sales made in Canada and your province, outside of Canada sales are tax exempt for most products that I can think of.

 4) How can I find out if my imported products are exempt from certain taxes?

Ans.  Contact Customs Canada and the CRA

 5) What if I want to export to international customers, are there any exporting taxes I should know about?

Ans. Contact Customs Canada and the CRA

 6) What is considered Duty Free?

Ans. Usually referred to products IMPORTED, not exported.

 7) What is the procedure to export and ship products to our US clients?

Ans.  Generally all shipping leaves the customer purchasing the item to pay importation duties etc. Shipping to the USA is simple using any of the various shipping companies, including UPS, Canada Post Fedex etc

 8) What is the best/cheapest shipping companies to consider for our Canadian customers, and for our US or international customers?

Ans. Do research on this rates vary depending on quantity, size ship to location etc.

 9) Which bank provides the best online merchant account? What documents are required and how much does it cost to setup?

Ans.   You will need to contact your bank on this, there are many payment methods available though other means not just the banks.

cheers and hope this helps you in your endevour.....