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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

WAEC Result Checker: How To Check Waec Result

WAEC is an acronym for "West African Examination Council" it is a senior secondary school certification examination in West Africa.

Waec is usually written twice in a year "the may/June and the Nov/DEC" respectively.

So the just concluded examination result is out and i will be teaching you how you can easily check Waec result.

The aggregate of candidates who got credit pass is 70% this is good news and one of the best result so far and it also means that many candidates came out with flying colours.

It will only take a few step by step guide so as to successfully check you result without making mistake therefore one must be very careful while checking Waec result.

The requirements needed to check your result

1. Exam number and center number

2. The year you wrote the your Waec examination

3.  The precise type of waec exam you wrote e.g may/June or Nov/DEC

4. Serial number of your scratch card

5. The scratch card pin.

8 Step by step guide to check Waec result includes:

1. Visit WAEC's official website portal used specially to check waec result here

2. Input your centre number and seat number in the examination number field e.g 4053011.

3. Imput the exact year you wrote the examination.

4. Choose the examination type e.g may/June or Nov/DEC.

5. Input the card serial number on your scratch card.

6. Input your scratch card pin.

7. Finally click "submit"

8. A pop up notification will open with your Waec result showing on it.

It is very important that you print out your result after checking your Waec result so future purposes and also to avoid exceeding the checking limit as the card scratch card can only be used 5 time to check a Waec result.